Becoming overweight

Overweight human with fat feet on scales isolated on white. Person with above weight standing on weighing machine vector illustration of heavy woman

Why does the youth become overweight easily that adult and do people have any solution of the most popular problem?

Nowadays, there is a belief that millennials easily become overweight-obesity is a medical condition that occurs when a person carries excess weight and body fat that affects people’s health, which is one of the most serious problems that causing damage to people in the world. From my perspective, there are a couple of reasons and solutions to deal with this phenomenon.

It is undeniable non-nutritious diets and a sedentary lifestyle are to be blamed for weight gain current generations. In fact, people, in particular children, tend to consume high-calories and high-fructose foods because of their hobbies. When a person consumes foods that contain more calories such as fast foods, foods which contain hidden sugars or junk foods rather than having daily meals with sufficient nutritional value. People’s body uses it as energy and then a body might store the extra calories as fat, leading to obesity. Furthermore, the less a person moves around, the fewer calories are burned so with the explosion of clerical jobs and computer games. Therefore, people live a sedentary way of living, which impedes people from doing physical activities frequently. As a result, two factors might contribute to a high body mass index of a person, causing body fat.


Moreover, when I search the word ” DEPRESSION” on the Internet, I find a lot of information about the depression symptoms which can vary from mild to severe. One of them is that connects with health strongly. For a typical example, changing in appetite, and losing weight a lot. As far as I know, according to the article which I search on the Internet, in Hanoi some 3.6 millions Vietnamese are suffering from depression, accouting for 4% of the total population. The risk of suicide in people with depression is 25 times higer than in people without mental disoder. Each year, some 5000 Vietnamese and 800 000 people worldwide commit suicide and depression, which is one of the leading of causes.

To solve this problem, some effective methods could be proposed for obese people to gain weight loss, improve their health conditions. First, people should realize that the important role of nutritious diet and need to spend more time on preparing for nutritious meals instead of eating processed foods, sugar-sweetened beverages, or high-fat foods. Second, taking up more daily physical activities would deter a growing trend of obesity epidemic, for example, the public schools or offices need to add more programs, such as sport games, outdoor activities in order to encourage people to do more physical works, speeding up bodies’ metabolism. The youth could reach their peak in health conditions, free-fat, avoiding diabetes and high blood pressure particularly thanks to these effective solutions.

In conclusion, I would give credence that reasons why people become overweight more easily come from consuming too many calories and living sedentary lifestyle; however; there are many solutions leading to gaining weight loss to have a strong and healthy body.

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