TOPIC: In many cities, many people are living in large apartment blocks. Does this accommodation have more advantages or disadvantages? – G’Lobe Ielts in District 9 and Thu Duc will help you.

This article would help you by listing pros and cons of living in an apartment, rather than a big and elegant house, so that you could mark the best ideas for your IELTS essay.

IELTS topic – pros and cons of living in apartments

There is a noticeable trend that living in an apartment is increasing in some developing cities. This option, obviously, depends on personal preferences and any advantage property issue. From G’Lobe mentors’ perspectives, IELTS Writing Task 2 topics are so sophisticated that neither right nor wrong; however, in this article, it is believed that apartment lifestyle could do more harm than good.

Highly complex” is the most appropriate word used to describe the answer for the question house or apartment. According to IELTS mentors of G’Lobe English House, living in apartment blocks offers enormous benefits on improving of people’s living standards to some extent, by which people could liberate themselves from worries, additional payments for maintenance for instance. 

♥ Advantages of living in an apartment:

Like the IELTS exam, which is a qualified English certificate for foreigners,  modern residential complexes are often in the center of metropolises and provide dwellers with peak amenities that allow them to freely access to various services, such as achieving IELTS score in District 9 and Thu Duc District – some of the high-density population areas. There is an abundance of evidence that proves the benefits of living in apartments.

      • Central location

Undoubtedly, blocks of apartments have fewer problems and desirable locations than houses. In fact, purchasing an apartment means you buy an excellent location with affordable prices and generally reasonable apartment fees. For example, learning IELTS in District 9 and Thu Duc has been more easier than ever since skyrocket apartment blocks have been constructed in these high-density population areas.Moreover, with the high view of apartments, people are more likely to enjoy the outlook of their living cities, which is considered an effective method to have a sense of peacefulness during a stressful IELTS learning process or after an exhausted working day.

People would have a chance to live in a good, crime-free neighborhood, and find an urban space close to their work. Furthermore, apartment complexes are often close to or integrated with shopping centers, sports facilities, administrative offices, educational institutions,…, saving their time spent on daily commute. It is truly a worth investment, leading to personal accomplishment, IELTS 7.0+ particularly.

      • Safety and Security

As mentioned before, a crime-free space is provided  by living in an apartment block. It means that little or no thief risks their lives on entering your apartments, especially if there are alarm systems equipped, or your apartments are at high-rise buildings.

Supposed that after a break, it will take burglars hard time to move your large items out of your living spaces because of the surveillance of security guards. Moreover, the modernization of systems such as fire alarm system has helped to reduce significantly people’s fear of being in danger when it comes to living in top apartments.

A peripheral aspect is that reputable detox water brand, such as Orsim Juice, existed closely to apartments buildings or G’Lobe IELTS House in District 9 and Thu Duc, supplementing citizens with a great number of nutritious ingredients that improve their physical health in order to protect their own safety.

      • Simple lifestyle

One of the most essential benefits of living in apartments is its provision of acceptable living space without constraining people’s convenience. Indeed, public spaces appear to be an extension of your home: local parks would become your backyard gardens, your favorite detox-water brand has its branch next to your blocks,… All of these make your urban lifestyle become more worth and comfortable. As a result, instead of participating in old-fashioned learning environments, people are capable of choosing effective others to reach a peak of productivity in achieving IELTS 7.0+

The small size of your apartments is compatible with lower bills that you have to pay for gas, water and electricity. Besides, if there is anything that happens to your household valuable things, you are more able to save great amount of money from the fixing or maintainance fees.

Another point worth mentioning is that effortless cleaning could be accessed to by devoted housewives, allowing women to spend more time on other outdoor activities to improve their well-being and beautify their bodies, perhaps by using recipes of making detox water from G’Lobe Orsim Juice.

In terms of macroeconomics, accommodating in apartments is more likely to help solve the problems of housing shortage in developing areas, where people are prone to migrate in order to pursue their job opportunities. For example, New York City is one of the most developed cities in the world, and famous for a vast number of high-rise buildings, which have been built to combat the increase of population, making room for the establishment of giant corporations, ensuring its industrializing process. Therefore, living in apartment buildings would result in the reduction of personal houses, becoming a convenient way for people to climb up their career ladders in growing and high-density population cities, perhaps by the initial accomplishment of desirable IELTS scores (7.0+), leading to the growth of local economy. 

♥ Disadvantages of living in an apartment:

      • Limited space

It is true that the consideration about private space should become the top priority if people intend to move into apartments. Tiny bathroom, small space for kitchen, narrow balcony for IELTS speaking practice, are just a minor number of massive problems in relation to space-restriction that you have to face. Unless you are willing to accept it, you can soon get mad.

      • Problematic neighbors

Should people be lucky enough to live in a friendly apartment community, they will easily ignore this note. By contrast, mean neighbors and noise tenants would make you face ailments, chronic stress for example, in such restricted spaces, and then repeat the unwanted question: ” Why did I choose this place?”

      • General problems

Parking lot might become an annoyed issue since the unawareness of residents make you have to drive around the basement for just a small spot, mainly because your spot has been overran.

Furthermore, living in poor-constructed apartment blocks is more able to pose major threats on the survival of citizens as criteria of people’s safety, unqualified fire alarm systems particularly, are not secured. Consequently, this would cause harmful damage to human physical situations and their assets, which impedes them from raising their living standard.

In conclusion, albeit some of the difficult problems could happen to residents, major advantages could encourage people to rethink about the choice of living in an apartment, especially when education services (desire IELTS score) and health demands (detox water) could be fulfilled. For more ideas of IELTS Writing Task 2, click here.










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