Great Benefits Of Smoothie Banana

smoothie banana

You easily get into trouble when finding a sanitary drink, which is delicious and cheap and especially meets your scientific diet. Come to ORSIM, the venue for the passionate lovers in District 9 and Thu Duc, where your problem will be solved with the “special” drinks created by the bartenders of ORSIM. It is a source of love for your health – Smoothie Banana. 

The “miracle” drink is the district harmony between bananas and clean ingredients. Certainly with the secret recipe of ORSIM will create delicious drinks to help you stay healthy, young and beautiful.

The main ingredients in each of ORSIM’s smoothie cups are bananas. A very nutritious fruit that Mother Nature has given us.

  • Basic nutrition ingredients in banana:

In particular, the starch content in bananas will be reduced to less than 1% when choosing the right rip one as a smoothie banana. Knowing that, from banana selection to banana preservation are carefully and professionally handled by the orsimer to give customers the best.

Smoothie Banana

  • A special medicine for sports enthusiasts:

According to the National Institutes of Health Research, a medium sized banana contains 422 milligrams of potassium or about 12% of our daily mineral value. A type of electrolyte helps the muscles contract, nerves perform functions properly, move nutrients into cells, regulate salt levels, regulate heart rate. After each exercise with moderate or higher intensity, you should enjoy a cool smoothie banana to compensate for a large loss of electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium).

Revealing warriors of G’Lobe Group often use this medicine in the process of conquering IELTS 6.5 and above.

Smoothie Banana

  • ORSIM smothie will help you live better:

Eating bananas in a balanced diet helps us curb cravings. Bananas contain a substance called resistant starch that helps us load fewer calories and control our taste.

In bananas containing up to one-third of the vitamin B6 needed for our body daily, this vitamin supports enzymatic reactions during metabolism. Not only that, bananas also contain prebiotics, a fermenting substance that helps beneficial intestinal bacteria (called probiotics) grow. This is a great benefit for our health in general because research has shown that beneficial bacteria help improve digestion, reduce cold time and even support weight loss.


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