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Having helped an increasingly growing number of 2000 students reach their desirable IELTS score (up to 6.0+), devoted mentors of G’Lobe IELTS House feel confident to reckon that a healthy body is put all down to one of the key drivers by which learners are more likely to set up strong launching points for the pursuit of ambitious dreams. In this age of modernizing society, the disobedience of environmental criteria of heavy industries, the overuse of heavily-polluted vehicles, the apathy of standardized sanitary process in food production, each of which is considered main contributors poisoning human physical health. Having recognised its adverse consequences, G’Lobe Orsim Juice in Thu Duc District is willing to provide viewers with the definition of detox water – a major factor allowing you to compelling mentioned dangerous enemies – and some useful methods to have daily fragrant fruit drinks.

  • DETOX?

First, we have to make clear what DETOX means. DETOX is generalised as a short-term of “DETOXIFICATION”, which represents for both natural and artificial processes of ridding your body of toxins, thereby improving your health. 

The word DETOX is often entwined with detox water, a popular buzzword, which is thought to contribute significantly to the efficiency of detoxification, helping your body gain great health benefits.

So having understood about the hard-wired function of detoxification in living organisms, people would have great opportunities to have the abundance of knowledge in boosting themselves for the great pitch of well-being.


Detox water, also called infused water, spa water, fruit-flavoured water,… is water that has been infused with plenty of flavours of fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs. Many drinkers could make choice of cooling it before using so that they can reach peak of refreshing and great tasting.

Because of its infusing process, instead of juicing or blending, there is very few or no calories in detox water. This means that it has become the top priority for the replacement of other easily-addicted drinks such as diet sodas, caffeinated beverages, powdered drink mixes,…

Many have doubted about the myths of health benefits of detox water when there is little evidence about the effectiveness of combining these ingredients of fruits; however, it is believed that our body would become energetic and healthy again because it is just all about…DRINKING WATER.

Types of detox water

  1. Infused water: This type of organic juice is composed of fresh water and sliced or cut living fruit, such as lemon, kiwi, Strawberry, Orange, Apple. Infused water from Orsim Juice would help you in preventing dehydration and supplying sufficient mineral and vitamin.
  2. Smoothies: Smoothies are common beverages which are made by blending fruit with other ingredients, such as all types of organic seeds, honey, or organic sugar.
  3. Detox juice or pressed juice: Both are made of cold-pressed juice, but detox juice are special recipes with vegetable and fruits, which can help you boost your immune system. Pressed Juice is organic pressed fruit.

Having orientated as a West Point Academy in Vietnam and South-East Asia, G’Lobe IELTS House has figured out that for to motivate our students to achieve long-term accomplishments, not only should we provide them with dynamic academic environment, but also it is our duty to make them be aware about main contributions of physical and mental well-being, which allows them to be self-sufficient by INNER GRAVITY – the useful assistant for their journeys to success. By virtue of that, G’Lobe Orsim Juice would introduce to you about some advantages of detox water that could make you stunned and thrilled

    • WEIGHT LOSS: Studies have shown that drinking 17 oz of water tends to help people burn the amount of calories as much as 24-30% within 10 minutes. It is true that drinking detox water could temporarily raise your metabolic rate, reduce your appetite and hunger with their refreshing flavours.
    • TOXIN REMOVAL: It is undeniable that there is a large number of nutrients, such as Folacin, roughage, vitamin B6,K,…, from which  organs like livers, renal units and skin could derive beneficial effects, maximizing the excretion system of human body
    • DIGESTIVE HEALTH: The practice of constipation, making you feel bloated and sluggish is more able to be into oblivion when the concern of dehydration is eliminated by drinking detox water, which brings about beneficial effects of ingredient combination..
    • MENTAL HEALTH: This is the most important part that we would like to mention simply because the shortest way for human beings to tap into their hidden source of their brain to reach peak of creativity and productivity is “feeding their inner angel“, recharging our battery, gaining strong conviction towards their long-term goals. This might lead to detailed actions, perhaps beginning at conquering band 8.0 IELTS.


Here are some types of combination that is likely to make your day with fragrant infused drinks:

    • Lemon and ginger
    • Cayenne pepper and lemon
    • Apple and cinnamon
    • Cucumber and mint
    • Lemon and lemongrass
    • Orange and carrot

Additionally, G’Lobe Orsim Juice would like to introduce you about the recipes and benefits of detox water coming from vegetables like kale or broccoli, which are helpful for human skin or making you become warriors as members of G’Lobe IELTS English House.





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