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Generally, we have hardly seen a topic related to astronomy appear in an IELTS exam. However, that is not the reason why we should avoid it, especially when the task of IELTS Writing Task 2 focuses on social problems. Today, G’Lobe IELTS House, one of the most reputable IELTS center in District 9 and Thu Duc, would provide IELTS learners with an astronomy-related topic of Writing Task 2: Some people believe that spending money on developing the technology on space exploration is unjustifiable and there are more beneficial ways to spend this money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is a debated issue whether more funds should be spent on space research or whether they ought to be utilized financially to other sectors. From my perspective, although a great amount of money should be used to public health, I acquiesce that doing research into the outer space is of the justification. Therefore, in this article, plenty of ideas, along with unique G’Lobe IELTS learning method, would be presented so that all of you would have an opportunity to link up, brainstorm and complete your own IELTS Writing Task 2 essay.

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Up to now, it is undeniable that the government’s budgets need deploying to bring about positive effects on social advance, improving people’s living standards. In fact, an abundance of evidence suggests that there are remained pressing problems adversely affecting people’s lives, and that these problems are likely to be resolved by hundreds of billions poured into space exploration instead. Education, a typical example, when G’Lobe IELTS always attempts to bring to learners with affordable prices and suitable courses that fulfill their requirements. 

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  • Poverty: According to the Guardian, 178,134 million dollars was the total spending of US federation  in 1969, the year Neil Armstrong set his first foot on the Moon. In 2015, this number was estimated to be 4,385,531 million dollars. Another survey has reported that nearly a half of the population are living on less than 2.50$ per day, and roughly 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. These mentioned figures are the best proof that a large amount of money ought to be spent on sending aid to underprivileged people, allowing them to combat the poverty, like a social project which was carried out by G’Lobe IELTS team.

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  • Environmental issues: There is a fact that environmental problems have negative effects on human survival. Polluted environment, climate change and global warming, mostly come from the overpopulation, industrializing era, people’s lack of awareness,… This means that a colossal amount is allocated for economic benefits without environmental protection, leading to spoiling natural resources. In addition, some “green projects”, such as Challenge For Change, are conducted and drum up a lot of people’s attention, including 6.0+ G’Lobe IELTS’s warriors, because of its highly humanitarian value.Therefore, for a large-scale process, governmental budgets need to be used for the recovery of natural health before doing research on the outer space.
  • Unknown Earth: There is so much about the planet Earth that human beings have not explored fully yet. National Geographic has reported that science has just found around 1.2 million species of over 8.7 million species co-existing with human on the Earth. As a result, a question is raised that whether scientific professionals should do focus on space research or not, when the majority of the globe is still mysterious.

On the other hand, the space exploratory expenditure is by no means a waste. Many of the students from G’Lobe IELTS House acquiring their desire bands (6.5+) consider the space exploration a future goal that inspires them to focus on strengthening their academic backgrounds. It is an expensive arena to play in, a challenge between prohibitive fuel costs and technological difficulties; however, some advantages of going where few humans have gone before are considered improving constructively human lives.

  • Alternatives: It is the useful information about the universe that people can gain when it comes to taking on the effort to start exploring space. This gives humans a great opportunity to have a deeper understanding about the solar system, the galaxy and other planets. By virtue of that, scientists would have enough scientific evidence to prepare for potential hazards resulting from 
  • Spinoffs: Probably, technologies used on Earth were first pioneered in space exploration. For example, the satellite navigation system, memory foam, magnetic resonance imaging, etc… all of them have contributed significantly to the growth of related industries, such as medical or airline industries.
  • Job creation: Considered a billion-dollar industry, space research obviously require a great number of high-qualified employees. It is true that a space agency and its network of contractors, universities and other entities help people stay employed. A blog written by a NASA administrator in 2012 claimed, “It’s also important to remember that the $2.5 billion investment made in this project was not spent on Mars, but right here on Earth, supporting more than 7,000 jobs in at least 31 states,”. In addition, an IELTS 6.0+ certificate could help to produce more confidence when it comes to asking to join in tech giants or transnational corporations.

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In conclusion, I would give credence that albeit there are still remained problems that need to be fixed for the advance of society, space exploration should be considered as a useful method so that the society could substantially proliferate.

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