G’Lobe IELTS Writing: Zoo – Moral and Cruel Acts

It is the days of the Victorian menagerie that have rendered people disapproving when there was a huge surge in the exotic animal trade, captivity and collection. Nowadays, even though modern zoos have replaced the old-fashioned menageries, growing concerns are still triggered by activists since captured living species are being violated the right to live free from the adversity that human activities have caused. Such a hot topic that G’Lobe IELTS feel extremely necessary to help IELTS takers access to both sides of the zoo. Further more, it would be beneficial for learners to have a wide range of ideas about other IELTS Writing topic, so let’s visit us for more details.

Some people think that zoos are cruel and should be closed down. Others however believe that zoos can be useful in protecting wild animals . Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is a debated issue whether wild animals should be the protection of zoos, or whether zoos ought to be closed down for causing harmful damage to other species. While zoo advocates and conservationists argue that saving endangered species and educating the public are the two key point, many animal rights activists believe that violating the rights of individual animals – even in efforts to fend off extinction – cannot be justified. According to that, G’Lobe IELTS would enable readers to approach a wider dimension in this current animal conflict.

For many people, it is undeniable that animals are more likely to suffer physically and mentally when it comes to keeping in zoos. Obviously, this fact might come from many factors that affect directly to these species’ survivals.

  • Living habitat: In fact, these artificial environments would not come close to matching the space, impeding wild species from freely thriving as living in natural habitats. This would result in the loss of featured instincts, placing many difficulties among wild creatures when they are sent back to wildlife environments. Many journals have revealed that many living creatures are unlikely to adapt wildlife habitats since many zoos have adopt “spoon-feeding” method for animals, contributing to decreasing their instincts of hunting for prey.
  • Immoral acts: Moreover, in zoos with mismanagement policies, preserved species would face mistreatment in caring methods of employees, or they would become sources of entertainment in order for organisations to earn huge profits. Therefore, zoos need to be stopped, at least until the existence of new useful protection methods, because of the captivity adversely affecting animals.

On the other hand, zoos play an important role in maintaining the diversity of ecosystem.

  • Breeding population for endangered species: Indeed, with the practice of international breeding programs, zoos are appropriate for some of the rare animals, especially those who have difficulties in finding mates and producing offspring in wild habitats, to breed and thrive. For example, a giant panda has given birth to a pair of twin cubs at a zoo in Belgium recently with attempts of staff and zookeepers, which is a wonderful news for this extraordinary and threatened species today.
  • Protection: It is true that a close environment could help animals avoid threats of poachers, habitat loss, starvation, and predators. The plain truth is that many conventional zoos transform significantly to become safari or marine parks that emulate the real wildlife environment, allowing captive animals to reach a great degree of comfort.
  • Education: There is a truth that cruel acts that humans cause to animal in menageries since the distant past have resulted in arguments against zoos. However, with the increasing awareness and new caring techniques, zoos nowadays are constituted a kind of educating the public with real experiences, rather through books or the Internet.

As a result, zoo-bred animals would help to drive endangered species from the extinction, and then they would be released into the wild to increase the genetic diversity.

In conclusion, I would give credence that albeit some of the zoos mistreat and have immoral actions to captive animals, benefits resulting from supporting breeding programs of endangered species are a proof that zoos are the optimum choice to protect wild animals.

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