HAPPINESS – the most essential emotion in life


There is a belief that everyone wants to be happy in their lives. Defining the personal nature of happiness is quite challenging.  However, there are some common things that are regarded as an essential factor to be delighted in life.

Happiness is so difficult to be defined because it means something different to each individual person. Everyone always has many great purposes to achieve every single day, which could help them to lift their spirits up instantly. For instance, there are several people who derive a sense of satisfaction from earning money, achieving the highest position in their career, or passing IELTS with flying colors, which creates their wanted things for their own lives, whereas for others, they discover the true happiness in their family, health (finding the ways helping their body full power, which might come from food – eating diet, exercise, or drinking water such as detox), which is much more important. However, when people’s aims are fulfilled, they want more and this is a never-ending process. These are the reasons why happiness is not a simple word that we can describe with a neat and precise definition.

Although it seems almost impossible to give an exact definition of happiness, there are some vital factors that are commonly regarded as the main ingredients to be happy in life. Firstly, physical and psychological soundness is really essential to be on cloud nine and people could truly realize that when they get illness. Secondly, the greatest joy in life might be found in shared experiences with family, friends even strange people such as you could help an unfortunate person in their own life by providing foods, money. Other key factors could be individual freedom and their aims.

Moreover,  other people need to run away from negative thought and emotions, if you want to live a happy life. This is another unfortunate consequence of seeing happiness only as a positive emotional state that we ignore or suppress any other emotions that don’t make them feel pleasant. The reality of life is that we all experience difficult emotions and circumstances. For instance, people get sick, they lose their jobs, relationships fall apart, things break, and shit happens. Similarly, in Buddhism, it is believed that “life is full of suffering” and that their suffering is caused by our attachments – ideals are held in our minds about how life ought to be.

In conclusion, happiness is really hard to be realized its precise meaning because it completely depends on each individual aim, but I  believed that many factors such as health, sharing, family, freedom are regarded to be key ingredients to be delighted in the real life.




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