Crime is one of the most popular topics in IELTS Writing Task 2. This is a complex topic that encourages learners to brainstorm and easily link to other topics. Youth crime is not simply a IELTS Writing topic, it is a reflection of a pressing issue among advanced society. With this essay, G’Lobe IELTS would help IELTS learners to approach to a wide range of ideas for a high score IELTS Writing sheet.

Question: Levels of youth crime are increasing rapidly in most cities around the world. What are the reasons for this and suggest some solutions.

Youth crime. Source: www.shoutoutuk.org

“Rising youth crime reflects wider societal problems”, The Guardian reported. According to G’Lobe IELTS mentors’ observations, the heading of this article has reflected one of the most concerned problems nowadays. It can be conspicuously seen that the number of teenagers committing crimes is increasing at an alarming rate in almost all parts of the current world. Although most of the people do concur with a consensus on imposing measures to save minors from going astray, very little seems to fulfill in that regard. Therefore, a debate always heats up when it comes to the prevention of the increasing crime rate among teenagers. Luckily, G’Lobe IELTS House, located at District 9 and Thu Duc, has orientated to train our students great social skills to combat these kinds of related problems.

One and the primary reason for that elusive phenomenon, however, is the confusion about the rapid rise of juvenile delinquency. For better understanding, G’Lobe IELTS Writing mentors would trace back to what spark off this crisis, on the hope that effective solutions could be implemented to break the trend.

  • Economic hardship

For a long time, it was assumed that the practice of committing crimes at a young age results from brain function, an aspect of person’s personality. However, some scientific research have implied that not only the brain but also poverty that might turns a benevolent minor into a hardened criminal. Indeed, teens tend to compare themselves with others who have better financial stability, which easily leads to frustration. Therefore, when their daily basic needs are not met, such as lack of food, clothing or a secure place to stay, youngsters are likely to look for wrong ways to bridge the gap. G’Lobe IELTS has recently conducted a project that helps G’Lobe warriors who have difficulties, with the desire that this issue could be eased in the long-term.

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  • School problems

There are a variety of reasons related to schooling that can lead to increasing the level of youth crime. Truancy could be one of the top, as missing too many courses at school might prevent a child from reaping enormous benefits of education. As a result, teenagers could have a lack of self-discipline or self-regulation, leading them to be tempted into a life of crime.

Obviously, peer pressure is included in this standpoint. To be more specific, some surveys conducted on teen crimes have revealed that when a minor forms close friendships and spends most of their time with aggressive peers, or habitual criminals, that child could be affected naturally by wrong behaviours, contributing to the juvenile delinquency.

Peer pressure and bullying

Another point worth mentioning is bullying when it comes to digging deeper into school issues. The plain truth is that bullying is not considered a crime itself; however, it finally can give birth to other crimes. Abusive behaviour makes way for crimes, and teenagers who exhibit abusive behaviour, eventually, are able to committing crimes in the difficult future circumstances. Above all, a growing concern is that victims of bullying could become offenders, which mostly comes from a sense of frustration, to take revenge on society for extreme experiences in the past.

  • Lack of adult interaction

By virtue of pursuing desirable occupation goals, teenagers do not receive love and attention because of their parents’ concentration on working. Neglected teens can not feel adult influences in their lives, do not have the ability to draw the line between right or wrong, positive acts and criminal activities. This practice makes the young channel their negative energy into crime at early ages.

Having recognised the start of youth crime, G’Lobe IELTS mentors emphasize that human communities ought to stick together to implement useful methods proposed to address this problem. Early intervention is an essential role to play for averting minors from embarking on a life of crime.

♠ Regarding familial roles, parents and adults should perform their parental duty towards their children at home and on the public. Adults are forced to reach the balance between devoting to work and spending time nurturing their kids. Only by this way could teenagers be equipped with an abundance of positive thinking, social skills, rightly hands-on experiences to feel a sense of fulfillment. Consequently, minors achieving moral attributes would make significant contributions to the social advance.


♠ Additionally, government have to carry out effective solutions to improve the quality of education system, which could encourage young students in their learning process, help them be aware of the importance of strengthening academic backgrounds for the future life.

♠ At the same time, tackling the problems of bullying and gangs of youths is also a priority of bureaucracy. By providing many of the care, monitoring, punitive, educational measures, the rate of bullying and abusive groups could be minimized, contributing to creating qualified educational environment for students, like G’Lobe IELTS House.

♠ For “former” young offenders, social influencers could have an enormous effect on turning them into good citizens. In fact, these people could provide offenders with case studies , perhaps through their own motivational speech, mentoring misguided teenagers to escape from their poor mindset and become benevolent inhabitants.


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