Importance of work

Importance of work

Some people think that importance of work plays an essential role in people’s life. Without the success of career, life becomes meaningless. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There is a belief that work is regarded as an essential factor in human life because this is at the root of a meaningful life, the path to individual independence, and a necessity for human survival and flourishing. It is also the distinctive means by which men concretize their identity as rational, goal-directed beings. From my perspective, I partly agree with work is the most important, without success of career, life becomes terrible because there are many things that contribute to life more lovely.

It is undeniable that the status of work in contemporary societies is the result of a long historical process. It is not only an indispensable means of enhancing individual senses of usefulness and belongings but also of providing financial means. First, with the individual’s view, work is an important feature in structuring such as personal, social identity, family and relationship and level of activities. Second, with the society’s view, work is an essential feature in promoting community, economic development, increasing civic participation, or reducing public spending in a range of welfare benefits. As a  result, work is a basic thing that helps people to push humankind about knowledge and experience leading to proving who they are and creating their life more comfortably by property and status.

However, is it without success of job, life becomes meaningless day by day?

The success of work plays an important role in people’s real-life but it is not a unique thing creating a meaningful life. If a person concentrates on the work a lot and ignores everything around them, they might not only get stuck in many difficulties at work. But also they could not release their negative thought and feeling. For example, when they spend their whole time working and don’t care the other things such as family or friends until they are in trouble, they might realize the work is not the only one making their life more wonderful.

What is a great life?

In my opinion, each person also has an identity about a great life because there are many things that might be a huge contribution to a meaningful life like Mr. Mark Twain said:

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

Another might be happiness, for instance, a sense of enjoyment may come from a little like hanging out the hustle and bustle places to let off steam with family or friends. It may come from a bigger thing such as passing the IELTS test with flying colors (passing IELTS with 7.0+).

On the other hand, maintaining health (healthy body, healthy mind) is one of the most essential things. For a typical example, smoking not only hurts a smoker but also hurts everyone around him or her. In some countries, like Singapore, it decides to ban smoking to protect the health from polluted air, however, if you are a smoker who lives or was born in Singapore, you might only light up a cigarette in tiny boxes that are clearly marked. 

Last but not least, food is a great thing making life more colorful. Food helps people maintain a strong body and mind but also is people’s hobby whenever they eat a delicious meal with detox water which might create a gigantic energy for them to start a new day.

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