The world of work is changing- IELTS Achievement

It is clear enough for even unaided eyes to recognise that the world of work today has changed dramatically throughout the changing periods of the human civilization. Simultaneously, in some records, what used to be predominantly a man’s world has been ushered into by women due to the social change. By virtue of that, this practicality has raised a question that has not been answered yet:

The world of work is rapidly changing and employees cannot depend on having the same work or the same work conditions for life. Discuss the possible causes and suggest ways to prepare for people to work in the future.

In this current industrial revolution, there is a belief that people no longer have a dependence on a same job or workplace for the lifetime. G’Lobe mentors have been convinced that some factors reinforce this trend; therefore, people need to change themselves significantly for the future. The same as other IELTS Writing topics, this article is definitely informative for you to find sone beneficial ideas.

To begin with, I suppose that people should trace back to how the world of work has been changing. Prior to the the World War I and II, a woman’s life was centred around the home. There was only a minor number of those who chose their career promotion as teachers, nurses or secretaries. As men were conscripted to be on the battlefield, women were obliged to take up the labour shortage. This replacement has helped boost the trend of welcoming the women into the workplace when by 1945, over 34% of the US women were in the workforce. By providing this information, I support the notion that like all cutural institutions, the norms of workplaces has been ever-evolving, particularly shifting gradually to make room for new expectation, ideas and establishments. These all are preliminary for the instability occupations and the working environment.

It is undeniable that there are many reasons which are to blame for the rapidity of job changes and the uncertainty of workplace. With is information, not only G’Lobe learners but also many readers would have a opportunities to have a deeper understanding about the current working situation worldwide, forcing them to exert their best to deal well with this truth.

  • Reduction of human involvement: First, it is the technological advance that replaces manual labour, allowing business to heighten its productivity. For example, tech giants, such as Intel or Samsung, employ third agencies of automatic system for the mass production, minimizing dramatically employees’ involvement. Because of this, workers who do not have the ability to cope with the revolutionary change in the world of work, leading to becoming exclude.

  • Lack of self-orientation: It is the human nature that often be attributed to the feeling of aimless when it comes to the working purpose. Indeed, people tend to use “self-experience” to label the their lack of ambition, which results in the job-hopping seen regularly nowadays. This, in the long-term, restrains their self-development and then their finances.
  • Satisfaction in safety zone: When it comes to globalization, this means that the competitiveness in jobs would increase sharply. Those workers, who do not force themselves to expertise in necessary skills and widen their horizons of knowledge, are less likely to keep the same positions in companies with an abundance of resourceful competitors. As a result, the fierce competition in working environment could make the stability of jobs and work conditions face difficult challenges.

Precautionary methods for future work

In order to “warm-up” for these changes in the working environment, I would like to introduce to you five ways, which actually 5 main factors, that contribute significantly to the uncertainty of jobs and workplaces.

  • Workplace structures: One of the key workplace trends of the 21st century has been the collapse of the corporate ladder, whereby loyal employees climbed towards the higher echelons of management one promotion at a time. This new diversity, combined with technological advances, has fed demand for a more collaborative and flexible working environment.
  • Artificial intelligence: The popularity of automation has become increase, rendering professions obsolete with the boost of productivity and convenience. And now, if widespread predictions are correct, automation in the workplace is set to increase at an unprecedented rate.

  • The human cloud: The access to the network designated for matching employers and freelancers is growing quickly, which raises the potential of lower wages and inequality.
  • Workplace monitoring: Apart from health benefits that monitors desire for the staff, risks of untrustworthiness and discomfort could emerge and in the end, it could spark controversial conflict in organizations.
  • The end of retirement:  As people live longer – life expectancy at birth has increased globally by six years since 1990, according to the World Health Organisation. This means people have to work older for financial security and if the salary does not fit one’s need, this person are likely to rethink of the previous developing process, moving forwards other strategies for a better retirement life.

Admittedly, to prepare well for this trend, members of the labour force have to change their minds about jobs. Indeed, understanding that nobody can achieve a job security, workers could force themselves to go on creating looking-forward visions of later life. This could allow them to plan careful strategies and make right decisions to meet challenges, ignoring the fear of unemployment. Furthermore, moving forward to reach a rich mindset could bring a person a great opportunity in relation to their personal development. This could encourage them to exert themselves, be willing to learn new things, such as international languages or important management skill, to support their backgrounds. This could eventually make significant contributions to a worker’s flexibility, leading to the advance of world industries.

In conclusion, I would give credence that the advance of technology and the increase of work competition lead to the changes of work nature; however, humans could have a chance to improve their mindset to adopt this fact for a better life.

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