Travelling – The key of happiness

Frankly speaking, travelling is really essential to people, in particular, people are stuck in the career treadmill or not have a chance to enjoy my life or you get stress when you don’t reach IELTS 7+. As far as, I know that holidays are a perfect time to recharge the batterywith your beloved people after a year full of challenges and obstacles. For example, many people who live away from their parents will have the best time for them to get together and have fun.


As far as we know,  travelling plays an important role in the real life. Travelling changes everyone physically and psychologically and gives them a lot of advantages. However, I only want to mention the best benefit of all, that is ACCEPTANCE. In the past, you may not accept different religions or different people, but until you went out and you might realize that there were so many things outside your personal world. Little by little, you might accept each thing such as LGBT, when you met the first gay, you would have something bad in your mind but  why you feel bad? Because it didn’t fit your world. So now, when you have met different people come from different countries, you may feel it better. Another thing which I want to add is acceptance of changing mind set such as when you learn IELTS to achieve IELTS 7+, you should change your thinking, expanse your knowledge. 

1) It provides you with unforgettable moments and experiences.

Some of my most cherished memories are from the times when I was travelling. If you travel, you can experience things that you could never experience at home. You may see beautiful places and landscapes that do not exist where you live. You may meet people that will change your life, and your thinking. You may try outdoor activities that you have never tried before. Besides that, you may push your speaking skills of IELTS to reach IELTS 7+ whenever you meet other people who speak English, for example.

2) It makes you more confident and independent.

Travelling will inevitably make you more independent and confident. You will realize that you can cope with a lot of unexpected situations and get rid of negative thought and feeling. You will realize that you can survive without all that help that is always available for you at home. You will likely find out that you are much stronger and braver than you have expected like you get stuck when you try to think the answers of speaking IELTS test to have IELTS 7+.

3) It lets you gain useful knowledge.

If you travel, you may learn a lot of useful things. These things can be anything from a new recipe, to a new, more effective solution to an ordinary problem or a new way of creating something. When you gain high knowledge such as getting IELTS 7+, you might have higher chances of your career.

4) It motivates you.

After arriving home from a long journey, a lot of travellers experience that they are much more motivated than they were before they left. During your trip you may learn things that you will want to try at home as well. You may want to test your new skills and knowledge. Your experiences will give you a lot of energy to motivate for unexpected situation like when you have a test IELTS and in Speaking test room, you meet many difficult questions to get IELTS 7+, you might change your thinking immediately to solve.

5) The key of happiness

There is a belief that everyone wants to be happy in their lives. Defining the personal nature of happiness is quite challenging.  However, there are some common things that are regarded as an essential factor to be delighted in life.

Happiness is so difficult to be defined because it means something different to each individual person. Everyone always has many great purposes to achieve every single day, which could help them to lift their spirits up instantly. For instance, there are several people who derive a sense of satisfaction from earning money, achieving the highest position in their career, or passing IELTS 7+ with flying colors, which creates their wanted things for their own lives, whereas for others, they discover the true happiness in their family, health (finding the ways helping their body full power, which might come from food – eating diet, exercise, or happiness when you get IELTS 7+ ), which is much more important. However, when people’s aims are fulfilled, they want more and this is a never-ending process. These are the reasons why happiness is not a simple word that we can describe with a neat and precise definition.

In conclusion, happiness is really hard to be realized its precise meaning because it completely depends on each individual aim, but I  believed that many factors such as health, sharing, family, freedom are regarded to be key ingredients to be delighted in the real life.

As far as I know, according to the article which I search on the Internet, in Hanoi some 3.6 millions of Vietnamese are suffering from depression, accouting for 4% of the total population. The risk of suicide in people with depression is 25 times higer than in people without mental disoder. Each year, some 5000 Vietnamese and 800 000 people worldwide commit suicide and depression, which is one of the leading of causes. With student, the main thing that leads to this extremely serious problem is study. Moreover, many company in Vietnam are regarded people who have a high level of knowledge, in particular IELTS 7+ so this main factor make the students get struck in studying.

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