What is LGBT?

What is LGBT?

LGBT stands for four kinds of people in LGBT’s community which has many people who are so different from the other about gender. L is Lesbian that is a girl dissimilar to other girls, G is Gay that a boy who likes another boy, B is Bisexual person that likes both boy and girl, exactly likes people and the last one is T that is Transgender who is a man but would act like a woman, and use a medical treatment to change surgically their organs. 

What I want to say today is the things which they are suffering by society. People around the world face discrimination, persecution and violence simply for expressing who they are and choose to love. Experiences with discrimination can lead to a higher likelihood of emotional distress depression and anxiety. 

People who are in LGBT’s community could feel pressured to fit in with society’s conventional ideas of being male or female. Those who don’t fit the mould can be subjected to ridicule, intimidation and even physical abuse. Even though there is an increasing acceptance of LGBT people in society and greater visibility in the media and public life, many LGBT people still experience discrimination, harassment and violence at work, school and in social situations.

 Research around the world shows that the percentage of LGBT is about 3% of the population. According to this figure, VN currently has 1.6 millions of homosexual people. It’s an extremely impressive numbers. As far as, I know WHO – the World Health Organization has said that homosexuality is not a disease and there is no cure and no special treatment as people think. Nowadays, the people gradually accept these people, let them happily live with these true sexuality.

However, there are still the homophobic, I don’t know why the people can treat homosexuality with dirty words, you know what we say to them if don’t do carefully that is like a knife stabbing into their heart leading to depression and then the seriously terrible consequence is brought by homophobic’s treatment is suicide. So carefully your word!

There are many ways to improve this serious problem. For typical example, learning IELTS, day by day you receive the new information, it leads to broadening your mind. The process brings about an IELTS 7+ certification that you might have a huge knowledge about the various majors in the world, even about LGBT. When you know many things about LGBT, you might understand them more. Another reason why you need to get an IELTS 7+ is a formal qualification, it is much more than a piece of paper. The high score such as IELTS 7+ acts as a key to open to door to a new life. In particular, IELTS has this power because many government bodies and companies rely on it as an accurate measure of English language. Therefore, you get IELTS 7+ which tells the world that you have enough English to successfully study at university or to work at a high – level of professional position. 

Another solution is travelling, as far as we know,  travelling plays an important role in the real life. Travelling changes everyone physically and psychologically and gives them a lot of advantages. However, I only want to mention the best benefit of all, that is ACCEPTANCE. In the past, you may not accept different religions or different people, but until you went out and you might realize that there were so many things outside your personal world. Little by little, you might accept each thing such as LGBT, when you met the first gay, you would have something bad in your mind but  why you feel bad? Because it didn’t fit your world. So now, when you have met different people come from different countries, you may feel it better. 

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